Barb Roberts July 2, 2019


 I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the work your employees did at my home on my a/c unit.  They were such nice, polite and respectful young men.  Especially the young man who was at my home yesterday.  It's nice to know that there are still responsible and trustworthy people you can let in your home without worry.  Please pass these words on to your employees...I 'm sure a lot of times they hear complaints rather than compliments.  i'll be sure to recommend your company to others in the future.  Again thank you. Barb Roberts 


Angela Shaul  July 22, 2019


 I just need to let you know how much of an extraordinary human being Brian Pittinger is and how grateful you should be to have him.  He came to service our air conditioner today.  When he was finished he asked if he could see my dogs that I had gated in my living room...the compassion, care, concern he showed for my blind dog; which I had just shared with Brian, we just found out a few days ago that she is terminal.  He spent a few moments petting and talked to her.  Not only was Brian knowledgeable about some issues we were having with the air conditioning he is just an amazing person.  I just wanted to share.  Hopefully Brian can be recognized.  What a great person you have representing your brand.  Thank you Brian for spreading some much needed kindness today.  Sincerely, Angela


 Diane Summers & Alice Bender 1/6/2018

  Thanks for all the concern shown during our furnace outage.  Brian P. is a real asset to your business.  He was a joy to be around.  His wife is a sweetie too.  John and his helper Kyle were also great to be around.  Then you have Lori, who put up with all my calls.  She took them all with a smile.  And Charlie - you have a great work history reported by prior customers.  You and your crews know your stuff.

Again - a big THANK YOU



Jason Wilkinson 9/21/2018


Mr. Kimmen,
You are definitely the higher of the three quotes ( they were both $10K)  BUT...I like your approach in trying to run the two long lines above the drop ceiling and your thoroughness in considering the design of the system.  You also struck me as the most genuine in your discussions and I feel I can trust you and your company to consider the aesthetics as well as the performance details.  For those reasons, as well as the reputation and close proximity of your company to our home, Lynn and I have agreed that we should move forward with your quote.